Inland Empire - California Writers Club
We meet monthly, every 4th Saturday,
Our next meeting February 27th, 2016

Our meetings are held in the Ovitt Family Community Library in Ontario, California, at 10:10 am.
215 E. C Street Ontario, CA 91764 Telephone (909) 395-2004

Saturday February 27th "Truth in Fiction"
Speaker Ona Russell,  a Historical mystery writer will explore ways that the best fiction conveys truths about the human condition. Facts may be part of the imaginary world a writer creates, but they don’t necessarily illuminate those truths.  

​​Ona Russell has taught courses that combine her interdisciplinary interests, including Poetry and the Workplace, Truth of Historical Fiction, and Literature and the Law, a topic on which she also writes and speaks extensively. A regular contributor to Orange County Lawyer Magazine, she also has been published in newspapers, scholarly journals, and anthologies. She is the author of an award-winning series of historical mysteries featuring Ohio court officer and civic trailblazer, Sarah Kaufman, including O’Brien’s Desk, The Natural Selection, and the newly released Rule of Capture. 

Sat. March 26th "Establishing Credibility with Publishers"
Writing your article, poem, short story, or book is the hard part...that is until you're done and you discover writing was the easy part! Publishers want to work with published writers but how can you be a published writer if no one will publish your work? One key component to getting published is establishing credibility with publishers. There are ways to become a "published" writer, virtually overnight. You may have what it takes already, but if not, this month's speaker LeeAnne Krusemark teaches the short cuts to get there quickly.

LeeAnne Krusemark is an adjunct online Professor of Publishing for Harvard and more than 1,000 other facilities worldwide, and is a nationwide speaker on the topic. She is also a former journalist, editor, and managing editor of newspapers, as well as an author of countless magazine articles and several business books. The inspiration she gives to others has been compared to Oprah!